Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

Gorilla tracking

Gorilla trekking Uganda

Gorilla tracking should definitely be one of the activities on your bucket list: you will be walking through dense forest and searching for mountain gorillas under the supervision of a ranger of the national park. One of the best places in the world for gorilla trekking is Uganda and we will give you some reasons why.

1. First of all, the nature with all its forests, mountains, lakes and volcanos is breathtaking. The environment where you’ll be in the presence of a family of gorillas is already amazing of itself.

2. Secondly, Uganda is a stable and safe country and you won’t need to take precautions as in Congo, one of the other countries in the world where gorilla trekking is possible. Hence you can enjoy the fullest of the tour in a peaceful way.

3. The third reason is the costs; to enter a national park for gorilla tracking you will be paying park entrance and have to book a gorilla permit in advance. The costs for a gorilla permit are 600 USD per person in Uganda, which is about half the amount you would pay for a permit in Rwanda. This neighbouring country is the third and last country in the world where a gorilla trekking is possible.

Gorilla tours

As Enjojo Tours we offer several gorilla tours where gorilla tracking can be included. This means that you can extend the tour with a gorilla trek as it ends near one the national parks that have mountain gorillas. We can help you with booking a gorilla permit or book one in advance for you already. Our 7 days Bunyonyi – Buhoma tour goes straight through a national park and occasionally we have seen gorillas during this tour. As a matter of fact, we cannot guarantee spotting gorillas within this tour as we are hiking in the park and not officially tracking gorillas. Therefore we would advise you to book a gorilla permit for one of the parks if you want to see gorillas. You won’t regret booking one!

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The name itself sounds like a fairy tale wonderland and it sure is a wonderful place to be. Bwindi is one of the two parks where our tours end and your search for gorillas can begin. The other national park is Mgahinga National Park, which is situated further south from Bwindi. Depending on your time and itinerary, you can either choose to go south for Mgahinga or choose a tour that ends more north for Bwindi. If you want to take safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park or Murchison Falls after the gorilla tracking, we advise you to take either our 4 days tour, 5 days tour or 7 days tour as they all end at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Our 3 days tour ends at Mgahinga which makes it easier to continue your journey further south to Rwanda after the gorilla trek in the national park.