What kind of food can I expect in Uganda?

In Ugandan cuisine you will find among others posho, which is made from maize starch, but other starches are used as well. Another example is matoke: steamed or boiled green bananas that are mashed and also used as a staple food. Furthermore you will find ground nuts as a whole or grinded in a sauce and sometimes as snack. A famous Ugandan street food snack is the rolex, a chapati (Indian flatbread) topped with eggs, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. The chapati is rolled up with all ingredients inside.

During our tours we offer a wide of range of local and international dishes. Most of the food is locally based (beans, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, green vegetables, posho, peas, ground nuts sauce, rice, among others). We usually end most of our longer treks with superb resort meals, based on international cuisine.

For drinks we have local brews that we taste during our hikes and there also options for normal beers.